How many appointments with FVAM can I expect?

Typically, you can expect a preliminary meeting over the phone to discuss your medical conditions, explain the process and expectations. Follow up consultation is accomplished as needed. 

How long does it take to increase disability ratings, if you are successful?

Funky VA Math LLC is billed as an “EXCLUSIVE” Service. This means that we do not accept all cases, [directly] unless we assess at a 99% certainty that we will WIN your case.  However, for those we do not take on directly, we still offer free advice on how best to achieve their ratings goals all on their own.  And, save some money.

To date, Funky VA Math LLC has not lost ANY cases we’ve taken on [directly].  If you are offered our [direct] services, you can typically expect the entire process to last [on-average] 120 days from beginning the process to receiving an increase.

Please keep in mind that due to COVID-19, the VA is understandably challenged in regard to scheduling in-person appointments. This will undoubtedly affect how quickly the process moves this year in particular.

How fast are we??

Three true stories: Our quickest turnaround to date was assisting a Veteran in September 2020 to go from a 50% rating, to a 70% rating in 13 days flat, including weekends!The second fastest on record was assisting a Veteran in mid-2019 to go from a 50% rating to a 100% rating in 15 days flat, including weekends.

And, the shortest time from Claim upload until attending a C&P Exam was a brisk  (38) straight clock hours in July 2019.  Hard to believe?  Yes, but true.

How long will it take for FVAM to respond to my message?

Typically, FVAM will respond within 1-3 Business Days, excluding U.S. Federal HolidaysWhat are you waiting for? Don’t wait to play “catch up”. Get ahead of the process,