Prepare for Your Life as A Veteran. Now.

Our goal is to equip servicemembers with the tools needed to navigate the Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) process effectively. We meticulously review their service medical records, providing a clear understanding of potential benefits and any overlooked opportunities for their VA Disability Claim. We deliver this information in writing and offer detailed explanations of our findings.

We emphasize the importance of continued preparation for their transition from service, focusing on medical considerations to maximize their ratings. Individuals can use our findings to more confidently submit their claims or seek assistance from a Veterans Service Organization (VSO) or an accredited representative recommended by the VA.

We also empower individuals who choose to handle their claims independently. Our mission is to strengthen and empower transitioning military personnel, ultimately benefiting the entire Veteran community. Knowledge is power, and Veteran knowledge is a superpower.

How Successful Can You Be?

Make a clear choice about your head start on VA disability claims. It's simple.

Ask yourself if you can take any extra steps before receiving your DD 214, as things change afterward.

From early 2020 to mid-2023, Funky VA Math LLC ran a Pilot Program with 11 total Active Duty personnel. We empowered them by helping them review and understand their service medical records. We also provided guidance on personal preparation for the BDD process.

The results, including success stories from others not in the Pilot Program, highlight the power of empowerment!"

Note: Yes. We now service the entire continental United States. Please allow 10-15 business days for results