Our Process & Services

For The Veteran | By The Veteran


Accomplishing any objective demands more than just courage; it necessitates the appropriate resources as well. We will explain all the tools needed to properly collect the evidence necessary to support a successful claim


We trust most Veterans can and want to shape their own destinies, optimizing their disability ratings. We educate veterans on interpreting service records or offer a guided path to optimize disability ratings. We can even review their records for them and provide a feasible, suitable, path ahead to ratings succcess


Absolutely, knowledge holds incredible power. However, the understanding of enhancing rating success is a true superpower. Unlock your superpower: We help Veterans maximize their ratings by reviewing all available evidence


Equip | Educate | Empower

Subjective Reasoning

Distinguish between subjective and objective evidence

Master the art of presenting your personal narrative in a manner that resonates with VA examiners and rating officials for optimal understanding

Objective Reasoning

Learn to comprehend the specific requirements for presenting new and relevant evidence

Grasp the significance and underlying reasoning behind VA Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs)

Records Scrub 101

Acquire fundamental skills in reviewing both Service and Private medical records

Investigate the potential challenges linked to inadequately presented medical evidence, while also delving into the correct methods for establishing proper service connection for a condition

Practical Exercises (P.E.)

Bring your medical records to class to engage in stimulating hands-on training

Bring those Decision Letters along and learn the art of accurate interpretation and effective resolution of denials

Expect lots of handouts and an in-depth read-ahead packet