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As you well know by now, the VA Claims process is often confusing.

No one enjoys sorting out those crazy rating formulas. But we do! In fact, we get a real kick out of it!

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Funky VA Math is an effective Medical Consulting and Advising Service which provides education on the best practices for achieving the best VA disability rating.

“Habitually relying on chat rooms to provide long term strategy is only as good as how that knowledge is then “applied”. But what of the next time? The next claim? A good claims strategy can be multilayered, multipronged and even multi-year in some instances. There are tons of considerations if you want to be most effective…”

-The VA Math Guy

Funky VA Math enjoys flawless 5-Star Google-Verified Reviews for good reason.

In today’s Veteran world, it truly is important to properly prepare your VA disability claim. Even more important, is ensuring you receive the best advice when doing so. You will need a proper analysis of your individual medical situation and then a strong strategy going forward. We offer both!

At Funky VA Math, We Win When You Win

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Pricing Plans

What You Get With a Cost-Free Assessment

Review and Analyze Your Combined Ratings

Determine your exact VA Math

Determine what you are maxed out on

Determine what you have left on the table (Secondary)

Face to face discussion of your conditions to gain background

Detailed explanation as to why you should or should not make your claim now, or “wait”

IF your case qualifies, provide an offer to accept your case — One Time Offer

Explain why you will not move any higher in any one category

Update you on rating changes for conditions you wish to claim

A preliminary PATH AHEAD to how to achieve your rating goal

Review of Your Not Service-Connected Conditions

Explanation/advisory of “landmines” seen within your intended rating goals

Provide a direct line to your ratings goal/s, with solid rationale

At Funky VA Math, we win when “you” win. Plus, we do not sign messy contracts. Ever.

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Our primary goal is to significantly INCREASE existing ratings through competent and experienced VA Disability Medical Consultation. We are very good at analyzing multiple aspects of a Veteran’s medically rated [or non-rated] conditions, reviewing current and past history, gathering evidence and identifying any shortfalls in that process. That usually leads to the discovery of hidden little “paths ahead”. Paths to success.

Getting started is super easy. Simply sign into and email us a screenshot of your current ratings.

Then, give us a few days to review your ratings and “not service-connected” ratings, if applicable.

That’s it. Simple. No personal info. No messy contracts. No double talk.

We will ask questions of the submitted information to gain more clarity, and provide a thorough, completely FREE assessment.

You can then decide if you prefer to take our FREE assessment and move forward on your own or accept our assistance.

Give us a call today, or simply utilize our Contact US form to send an email.

Far too easy, right? Well, what are you waiting for?

If you decide to proceed on your own, you can then prepare and submit your claims by following guidelines within 38CFR. Or, with the assistance of a Veterans Service Organization (VSO) representative, of your choice. FREE. Begin your search by visiting

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