Got VA Disability?

Attention All Veterans

As you are aware, navigating the VA Claims process can be quite perplexing. The intricate formulas determining combined ratings can be particularly challenging to decipher.

If you encounter difficulties with complex claims, it’s advisable to reach out to a nearby Veterans Service Organization (VSO).

A VSO, VA Accredited Agent, or Attorney can offer valuable assistance in pursuing your VA Claims. Easily find one by visiting

Please note that Funky VA Math LLC is a private Company specializing in educating the Veteran on how to strategically plan for the medical portion of their VA Claims. Our consultation services are provided at the organization-level. Individual requests cannot be accommodated at this time, unfortunately.

You may wish however, to contact your employer to see if they would be interested in our unique, Small-group services.

Wishing you the best in your future endeavors and encouraging you to persist in pursuing your Claims objectives!

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