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Carlos Martinez Memorial Golf Tournament

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

We are proud to be among more than a dozen sponsors for this wonderful event. Come out and join my Team as we celebrate Veterans Day and as well reflect on the incredible accomplishments and contributions of Mr. Carlos Martinez.

We will have plenty of giveaway prizes so stop by our table, meet the Staff and spin the prize wheel for a chance to win some of the really cool VA Math Guy Merchandise seen below!

Our Four-person Golf Team is comprised of seasoned Veterans who know the game of golf very well and I remain confident that Team Funky VA Math will take home top prize this year!

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Want to improve your VA Disability Rating?

The VA claims process is often confusing and cumbersome. Funky VA Math is an effective Medical Consulting Service which can greatly reduce the time and expenses associated with achieving an increase in your current rating.  

We get proven results!

The Process

Simply request our FREE Information. And, if you feel that our services fit your needs, just let us know. We’ll gladly contact you and provide a detailed explanation on how to achieve your ratings goals!

Six Simple Steps to Success

  1.  Request FREE Info Flyer
  2.   If interested, Send Us Your Current Ratings. We will Assess and Advise on How To best Secure an Increase
  3.  Get Started Or Simply Walk Away
  4.  Follow Expert Instructions
  5.  Attend Medical Appointment/s (if necessary)
  6.  Wait For New Rating Decision

Why Funky VA Math?

A Thorough Review Of Your Documents

FVAM will review all the necessary documents needed to succeed in increasing your Disability Rating.

This includes your overall rated and non-rated conditions and VA Decision Letters. 

Other documents can be reviewed

as necessary.

No Costs Unless You Win!

There are no up front fees! WE win, when YOU win! 

In FACT, if you do not reach the agreed upon Ratings increase, we even pay you!

Who can beat that?

Make that Appointment!

Great news!

We are scheduling face-face meetings within San Antonio, Texas and surrounding communities. 

We adhere to recommended COVID distancing and mask guidelines.

  • We currently accept out of State cases

Who are our customers?

All Honorably Discharged U.S. Military Veterans and Retirees

Active Duty Personnel Desiring Service Medical Records Review 

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