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Want to Improve Your VA Disability Rating?

The VA claims process is often confusing and cumbersome. No one enjoys sorting out those crazy Rating formulas. But we do! In fact, we get a kick out of it. Its literally all we do!

Funky VA Math is an effective Medical Consulting Service which can greatly reduce the time and expenses associated with achieving an increase in your current rating.

We Get Results!

The Process

Simply request our completely FREE information and if you believe our services fit your rating needs, let us know.

We’ll gladly contact you and provide a detailed explanation on how to achieve your rating needs!

Don’t put it off any longer. We are eager to hear from you!

Six Simple Steps to Success

  1.  Request FREE Information
  2.  Send Us Your Current Ratings
  3.  Get Started or Simply Walk Away
  4.  Follow Expert Instructions
  5.  Attend Medical Appointment/s (if necessary)
  6.  Await Rating Decision

Why Funky VA Math?

A Thorough Review of Your Documents

Funky VA Math will review all documents necessary to succeed in increasing your rating. This includes your overall rated and non-rated conditions and VA Decision Letters.

Other documents can be reviewed as necessary.

Note: Never send Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) to us unless requested and agreed upon in advance.

This measure is in order to best help you protect your personal information from Unauthorized Disclosure.

At NO POINT does Funky VA Math request, nor have a need for your Social Security Information. Ever!

No Costs Unless You Win!
  • There are no upfront fees
  • No messy Contracts to sign
  • We win when YOU win

Funky VA Math is home of the $1,000 Ratings Guarantee.

If we accept your case and you do not reach the agreed upon Rating, we will pay YOU!

That’s right! And we even put it in writing. Who does that?

Hint: We have never had to deliver on that guarantee. To date, we have not lost a single case. A fact!

We identify as an Exclusive Service meaning that we do not accept every case.

In fact, on average we offer to accept (1) of every 9-12 cases. (Current Avg)

All others are provided a “Best Path forward” and given completely free advice on how to “build” a better case in order to increase their chances of success.

In this sense, everyone is a winner at Funky VA Math!

We Can Work 100% Remote

Great news! Due to a recent change in COVID restrictions, we are again scheduling face-face meetings within San Antonio, Texas and surrounding communities. 

We will still maintain recommended guidelines regarding safe distances and the use of masks.

*Currently accepting out of State cases

Who are our customers?

All Honorably Discharged U.S. Military Veterans and Retirees  

Check out what our customers are saying!

Tommy Aluko
Tommy Aluko
Mr. Tom really knows his VA math and will work the best to get you that 100% !! He definitely helped me get mine! I recommend him to any veteran who is trying to get what they deserve.
Cynthia Patrias
Cynthia Patrias
Funky VA Math guy is the real deal. As a consultant, he will work with you no matter how long it may take to collect data. He is definitely for the veteran. He is extremely knowledgeable, and he makes disability claim struggles cease. I never dreamed that I would reach a 100% rating. Thank you for being such a great business. I will tell other veterans about Funky VA Math. Thank you Mr. H., you are a life changer! C. Patrias-Blanco
Doris Cardenas
Doris Cardenas
Very professional on the phone. Met with him. He was a very super nice person. No BS. Straight to the point and amazed me as to his knowledgeable, he was with the VA system. After about only a minute of talking with the VA Math Guy, I was saying to myself, “this guy is the real deal!” He gave solid guidance as to what I needed to be successful and was with me through the entire process. I strongly recommend Mr "T” Hurley. I've been telling my Vet Comrades-in-Arms about Funky VA Math every chance I get. Don't hesitate to call him. I received far better results by letting him handle my case. And by God, he delivered in no time at all. Thank you, VA Math Guy! (Tom) Raul Cardenas
Michelle Cohrs
Michelle Cohrs
My husband (Jason) and I cannot thank Tom enough for all of the time and help he provided. We highly recommend using Tom if you are thinking about moving forward with your claim . Tom had the patience and experience to walk my husband through the entire process and keep checking on him. Tom was going on vacation, he took the time to review documents that my husband sent him before he was to leave on vacation. I don't think my husband would have been able to navigate this process as well as he did without his help. He was extremely professional and respectful throughout the whole process. Never pushy and always gave my husband options and recommendations. Tom, thank you so much for your help. On behalf of my husband (Jason) and I.
Rebecca Reynolds
Rebecca Reynolds
Tom helped me with my VA process claim, I didn’t know where to start or how to do it. Tom explains the process down to a T to make sure you get the highest percentage. He takes care of all your questions makes sure he responds with enough time and gives you so much info. I definitely recommend Tom and will refer my fellow brothers and sisters.
Michael Bratcher
Michael Bratcher
WOW, Funky VA Math…. You can’t just look at a business name, but once you try doing the VA Math you’ll understand just how Funky it can be. lol. You have to look at the PERSON behind the name. Thomas came highly recommended, by more than just one Veteran. I’ve been retired 24 years trying for 5 years just to get my Medical Records. Thomas dug deeper into my Military History and Ailments we got the Records and after about 9 months received my first VA Rating. I was surprised my first Rating from the VA was more than I expected. Hard work and determination from Funky VA Math made it seem easy when I was at my boiling point. You kept my head in the game. Any Veteran who has retired or separated should immediately reach out to Thomas at Funky VA Math, don’t wait for 23 years like I did. The quicker the better. Thomas will always be there for you.
renato mojica
renato mojica
Tom was great in helping with my VA disability issue. He thoroughly review my medical records and pinpoint issues that I need to reclaim to VA. All my medical issues are already in my record and just took a keen eyes to re-present it to the VA. Few months later being overseas, I got what I wanted. Come see this guy to help your VA claim. Leave it to the professional to ensure your rightful VA claim.
Sergio Dickerson
Sergio Dickerson
Tom is the most knowledgeable disability specialist I have met. He can assess your medical condition and then portray it to the VA in such a way to maximize your disability claim. Tom is compassionate, dogged and absolutely the best in his field. I cannot say enough about his commitment to the Veterans he serves. He will not stop until you get your deserved disability rating. If you want real results, Tom is the best - you need not look any further.
Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia
I’ve been trying for years to get rated at what I think I deserve with no results. I finally contacted funky VA math for guidance along my journey. All I can say is WOW! The info provided and assistance I received was above and beyond what I could have imagined! Tom made the process easy for me to understand and helped me to achieve a more appropriate rating.I cannot thank you enough!
Charles Garcia
Charles Garcia
Tom delivered on time during every phase of the process! He put me at ease as this is not an easy thing to take on. Great customer service!