Did you know?

The nickname "The VA Math Guy" was bestowed the Founder of Funky VA Math during efforts with other Veterans to unravel VA Disability challenges. That encouragement led to formal advising and consulting, culminating in the establishment of Funky VA Math!

Funky VA Math LLC is a veteran-owned company with a deep commitment to supporting our fellow veterans. Our core mission revolves around reviewing and "appraising" medical evidence essential to bolster VA disability claims. In this respect and referencing 38 Code of Federal Regulations (38CFR), we essentially "valuate" conditions found within a Veteran's medical files. We've coined this process "evidence appraising," and it is the essence of what we do.

It's crucial to emphasize that our role is entirely distinct and separate from the VA disability claims process itself. We DO NOT handle VA claims or represent veterans in claims directly or indirectly.

We strongly recommend that Veterans seeking assistance with VA disability claims contact the VA or explore the support available through VA Accredited Agents and/or Attorneys. At Funky VA Math LLC, our sole purpose is to empower veterans by ensuring they have the evidence necessary to navigate the claims process successfully in order to secure benefits they deserve.

For the curious, the term "funky" VA Math is often used by some Veterans to characterize the formula employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for calculating Combined Disability Ratings.

Tom Hurley, Owner/CEO of Funky VA Math LLC, brings over 38 years of combined military and federal service experience to our mission.

Twice retired from Federal Service, his expertise in "VA Math" is fueled by more than two decades of active-duty service as a U.S. Army medic, followed by 18+ years Civil Service with United States Army Medical Command (USAMEDCOM).


Funky VA Math LLC is dedicated to helping veterans unlock the full potential of their VA disability claims.

Our goal is to assist veterans in uncovering hidden, supportive details that can significantly impact disability ratings.

It's important to note that Funky VA Math LLC has no affiliation with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and is not an accredited agent, Veteran Service Organization (VSO), or an attorney. We do not prepare, present, or prosecute VA disability claims for VA benefits and "will not" accept any offer to assist with VA disability claims.

For veterans in need of support with VA claims, we recommend exploring va.gov for a comprehensive list of capable VSOs and VA Accredited Attorneys. Also, information about VA Accredited Claims Agents who offer assistance across various areas is available on the site.

We strongly encourage veterans to take full advantage of the often-free resources offered through the VA, as explained above before considering assistance from fee-based, private organizations that are not affiliated with, or Accredited by the VA.