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So, What Exactly Is Funky VA Math?

There exists a formula used by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to combine military disability ratings of multiple conditions in order to provide a Veteran a “single” overall, or “combined” rating.

Essentially, if a Veteran has more than one condition that is rated for a military disability, then each one of those ratings is then combined (not “added”) using a somewhat “fuzzy” or “funky” formula to give one overall rating. 

That single rating is then used to determine the amount of military disability benefits the Veteran receives. Veterans often refer to that formula as “fuzzy”, or…. “funky” VA Math!

It is a challenge to even the best math geniuses to understand and apply the VA’s formula for determining Combined Military Disability Ratings.

But at Funky VA Math, we help Veterans solve for “X” every single day.

Did you know?

The VA Math Guy (a.k.a., The VA Whisperer), got his nickname from a reputation of assisting Veterans with Disability Ratings increases by helping them understand the often complex nature of the VA Disability Ratings process. In particular, understanding how the VA determines a disability rating utilizing “funky” VA Math.

At Funky VA Math, his principles for evaluating, analyzing and advising on medical disability are stringently applied.

It was at the strong urging of friends, family and other Veterans that as he continued his pursuit of assisting fellow Veterans, he should also consider establishing a Veteran-Owned Medical Consulting business.

Hence, the Founding of Funky VA Math! 

For those who are curious, the term Funky VA Math is a term used by Veterans to describe the often bizarre formula which the VA uses to calculate and establish Combined Disability Ratings.

Tom masterfully applies his knowledge of “funky” VA Math when advising Veterans on how best to gain the maximum disability rating.

To date, he has not lost a single case he has taken on directly. Lethal!

Support The American G.I. Forum

We proudly support the American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach Program, Inc. with monthly donations.

For 47 years, the American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach Program .(NVOP) has worked tirelessly to provide veterans, their families, and other needy populations with the services to achieve sustainable housing and meaningful careers.

From the beginning, NVOP has accomplished its mission by advocating for improved care and services for veterans of the Vietnam era, and it has evolved over the past four decades to be at the forefront of services for post-9/11 veterans and other service members who are transitioning to civilian life.

NVOP serves, at a minimum, 1,000 individuals every year through a variety of innovative operations, including housing services for homeless veterans and their families, job assistance for veterans with barriers to employment, and a newer operation for both veterans and non-veterans who need assistance with reintegrating into the workforce., Please click below to learn learn more.

Support T.L.T Hope

We proudly Sponsor T.L.T. HOPE which offers temporary housing for returning citizens being released from incarceration, and an eight-week program to help their residents get back on their feet to a fresh start. One that will give them a cutting edge in today’s workforce.

Their program is a faith-based curriculum consisting of coursework in several areas, with classes held twice a week. The program culminates in a graduation ceremony with each student receiving certificates of completion from each major course.

There is no cost to participate in the program.

The only fee is the student’scommitment and dedication to completing the program.T.L.T. Hope is also a transition facility that offers returning citizens the opportunity to become residents after their application has been approved to live in their dorms upon release from incarceration.

We Support VetStrong

We proudly support VetStrong with monthly donations.

VetStrong is a San Antonio based Non-Profit (501(c)3) Organization dedicated to supporting homeless veterans and their families through providing home furnishings to those in need.

Listen up! These folks are real heroes. They don’t ask for recognition. They could care less. They don’t want your money for personal wealth.

They perform some very serious backbreaking work to locate, move, store, refurbish and relocate needed furnishings to our Veteran friends.

They work nearly all weekends, as well. Yes, that’s right. All Volunteer work. You can help them by either donating your time or a few dollars to keep this organization functioning at capacity!

Or, just call them if you have some gently used furniture items to donate. They will arrange free pickup in the San Antonio and surrounding communities.

Just know that your wonderful donation will got to a Veteran in need.


We are a Private Organization specializing in the increase of existing VA Disability Ratings.

We do this by increasing the Veteran’s understanding of how their existing medical conditions translate into increased compensation.

We are not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), any Veterans Service Organization (VSO) or other VA Accredited Agent.

Please visit for a list of VSOs and more information on VA Accredited Claims Agents who strive to assist the Veteran in a vast number of areas, completely FREE of charge.

Veterans visiting this website are urged to take full advantage of FREE resources prior to seeking assistance from fee-based, private organizations.

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