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At Funky VA Math, we provide the most effective solutions to increasing your ratings.

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We also specialize in helping you identify commonly overlooked Secondary Claims.

Having Difficulties Establishing Mental Claims?

If you or a Veteran you know are having difficulty obtaining or increasing a Rating for a mental condition that was the direct result of military Service, give us a call. 

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Did you know?

The VA Math Guy (Tom) received his nickname while working with fellow Veterans to solve their VA Disability issues. But he’s also been warmly referred to as “The Ratings Equalizer” and even…, “The Ratings Whisperer“.

It was at the strong urging of other Veterans he’d assisted that he start his own Veteran-Owned Consulting Company. One which directly focused on helping others solve often complex VA Claims processes. Hence, the establishment of Funky VA Math in the Fall of 2019!

For the curious, “funky” VA Math is a term loosely used by some military Veterans to describe the often-bizarre formula which the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) uses to calculate Combined Disability Ratings.

Tom masterfully applies his decades-long knowledge of “funky” VA Math when advising Veterans on how best to gain maximum disability ratings.

To date, he has not lost a single case he has taken on directly.

A fact.

Did you know that the VA Math Guy has his very own numbered Challenge Coin?

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We are a Private Organization specializing in the increase of existing VA Disability Ratings. We do this by increasing the Veteran’s understanding of how their existing medical conditions translate into increased compensation.

We are not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), any Veterans Service Organization (VSO) or other VA Accredited Agent.

Please visit for a list of VSOs and more information on VA Accredited Claims Agents who strive to assist the Veteran in a vast number of areas, completely FREE of charge.

Veterans visiting this website are urged to take full advantage of FREE resources prior to seeking assistance from fee-based, private organizations.