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Increasing Medical Ratings. It's All We Do!

At FUNKY VA MATH, we strive to provide the most effective solutions to increasing your ratings.  And, we are very good at it!

Request a no-obligation assessment of your rated medical conditions to see if we can help you increase your existing disability rating and VA compensation.

We are now fully mobile. We come to you!

NOTE:  (* Due to the COVID-19, we are temporarily suspending IN-PERSON meetings until further notice. We can however, continue to assess documents and information provided to us via email. And, look forward to robust engagement over phone.  Thank you for your understanding.   Tom 


Expert Analysis of Rated Conditions

  • FREE Assessment Of Your Rated Conditions
  • Identify Commonly Overlooked Items
  • Review Current Symptomalogy


Help Increase Your Compensation. It's Literally All We Do!

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We Sponsor Local Youth Sports

A Percentage Of Our Fee Is Pledged to Charity

A Percentage Of Our Fee Is Pledged to Charity


Funky VA Math proudly sponsors County Line Regulator Youth Football, Cheer and other Youth Sports.  Visit the Regulator's website, and help support our Youth. If not the Regulators, then please find a team to donate to.  Even a small amount will help ensure our little warriors have the right equipment and support to develop into the future leaders we know they can be.

A Percentage Of Our Fee Is Pledged to Charity

A Percentage Of Our Fee Is Pledged to Charity

A Percentage Of Our Fee Is Pledged to Charity


In addition to Sponsoring local Youth Athletics, and Pro Bono advisory assistance, we pledge to commit a percentage of every Consulting fee to worthy Veteran's charities. To learn more, and see how you can help a Veteran with a donation or your time, please visit the VA's Voluntary Service Website

We May Come To You

How The VA Math Guy Got His Name

How The VA Math Guy Got His Name


 We can come to you, in limited circumstances. FVAM understands the challenges of traveling back and forth in a city the size of San Antonio, and its surrounding communities. That is why under certain circumstances we may bring our Services to you. The safety of both the potential client and the FVAM representative is paramount in considering alternate locations. 

How The VA Math Guy Got His Name

How The VA Math Guy Got His Name

How The VA Math Guy Got His Name


 The VA Math Guy got his nickname from a reputation of being highly successful in voluntarily assisting countless Veterans with increasing their Disability Ratings for over 10 years. He played an important role in the establishment of Funky VA Math, where his principles for evaluating, analyzing and advising on medical disability are stringently applied.

It was at the strong urging of friends, family, other Veterans and even strangers he'd assisted, that as he continued to pursue his passion for Veterans Medical Consulting, he should also  consider establishing a successful, relevant Veteran-Owned Medical Consulting business.

Hence, the Founding of Funky VA Math!  

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We are a Private Organization specializing in the increase of existing VA Disability Ratings. We do this by increasing the Veteran's understanding of how their existing medical conditions translate into increased compensation. 

We are not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), any Veterans Service Organization (VSO) or other VA Accredited Agent.

Please visit www.va.gov/vso for a list of VSOs and more information on VA Accredited Claims Agents who strive to assist the Veteran in a vast number of areas, completely FREE of charge.

Veterans visiting this website are urged to take full advantage of FREE resources prior to seeking assistance from fee-based, private organizations.